Godspeed, The Quirky Reader.

If you are reading this sentence, thank you.

It has been almost a year since I last posted on this blog.

During those months of silence, I’ve had some time to contemplate on my course of action. I had planned on writing this for this month or read this to participate on that thing. All well-intentioned yet never came into fruition—but I don’t have any regrets.

The last year has been a whirlwind for me: I graduated from high school then I entered my freshman year of uni. Then I probably died three times over from all of the workload. And now that I’m down to my last two weeks of freshman year, I finally got the chance to sit down and talk about it—I’m officially going on hiatus. I know it already seemed like it but for formality’s sake, I just had to say it out in the open. The Quirky Reader is going ✈️

Besides not having any motivation to churn up fun posts, I also have not been reading that much. It’s sad because for the first time I am not in the know of what books are coming out or which authors I should look out for in the year. I have abandoned my Goodreads altogether in favour of actual readings for my classes. It sucks, yeah, but I’ve come to accept it things as they are; I’m still reading, but not as voraciously as before.

So, where am I going with all of this? Basically, the formula goes: College + life, in general = hiatus. Right now, The Quirky Reader is not a priority for me. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s the reality I have to accept—and I am. Taking a break for a year gave me insights and realisations about what I want to do creatively with the space and platform that I have. And right now, my gut is telling me to do nothing and wait.

I don’t know if what I said made sense because I feel like I’m just going all over the place, but yeah, this is all that I want to say. For now.

If you’re still interested in what I have to say about things, you can go check my other blog here. It’s my personal blog and it’s currently under construction but I think I’m going to make my new home there. I’m also not Twitter that much anymore but I am on Instagram and there’s more nonsense there only visually. Also, like a true millennial nerd, I have a Letterboxd account, which is basically Goodreads for film buffs.

To all the kind, amazing, passionate readers and bloggers I’ve interacted with and got the privilege to call as friends, thank you. To all the equally kind, amazing, and passionate authors that gave this small blogger a chance, thank you. To everyone who’s followed or unfollowed this blog, thank you as well.

And if you are reading this last sentence, thank you. Here’s to new journeys.


The Quirky Reader 🙂


When Netflix and Anime Took Over My Life


I never really subscribed to the whole Netflix and chill phenomenon because a) I didn’t have Netflix and b) who has the time to chill??? That was my thinking…until my family got Netflix and there was no turning back for me. I need that Netflix and chill fix. 

In the few months that I’ve been MIA, I was bingeing on a lot of TV shows on Netflix, which were mostly anime (haha!). And it sort of snowballed from there because how does one not fall deep into the abyss that is Netflix??? Though just recently I haven’t been watching anything since I got into reading manga…which is another story.

So here’s the time when Netflix and anime took over my life. Continue reading

A Collective Book Review


Hello there! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog, but today I’m back with a quick and easy collective review of all the books I’ve read so far this year – which is not a lot, by the way.

All in all, I read a total of seven books plus I completed a series. Now that is hard to come by these days what with tons of new series being published here and there. I also got around to reading a super popular book from way back when. Continue reading

Even the Darkest Stars — A Review

I’ve noticed a recurring trend in YA these days which is — entice the reader with a cleverly, vague title and breathtaking cover art. I’m currently taking up an entrepreneurship class in school and this week we were talking about product marketing. What sells/what doesn’t for the consumer. And for this consumer of books, Even the Darkest Stars is an example of marketing done right.  Continue reading

A Game of Unpopular Opinions

Hello! It has been a while since I’ve graced the book blogging community with a new post, but classes are suspended here in my place and I actually have free time to write.

So, to mark my short appearance here, I decided to do a tag — a fun and rousing game of Unpopular Opinions. Nobody tagged me for this one but after seeing Solomon over at The Bookish King do this tag, I thought why not? Click here to see his answers!

In the game of Unpopular Opinions, no character, no author is spared from the judgment of Miguel… Continue reading

Re: May ’17

Re: is a new feature here in The Quirky Reader wherein every month (or every other month) I make a neat summary of what went down in terms of blogging and living IRL. 

Hello reader. I’m starting to see a trend in my reading with each passing month. Like I’d have a good reading month and actually read a ton of books. And then I get these dry reading months where I expect to read X amount of books, but…fall short.

So, how did I fare for the month of May? Continue reading

Eliza and Her Monsters – A Review

The Internet is one of my favourite places to be in the whole wide world. I know that sounds so introvert-ish of me and it makes me look like I have no life beyond my laptop screen. But in retrospect, being online has given me a lot of opportunities, such as blogging and getting to talk about books, and I met a few cool friends along the way too. It’s a vast world – the Internet is – and it can get scary. So what’s the Internet got to do with this book? Well… Continue reading

More Q’s and A’s with Miguel

ExpositionWith one week of school left, I can already feel myself breathe a little better. I can feel my fingers as they move in their own accord. I can feel the sleepless nights coming. In short, I’m excited to be blogging again WITHOUT any hindrances.

(aside: so I wrote/drafted this post way way waaaaaaaay back in 2015, and didn’t bother putting it up so lol please enjoy 2015 miguel)

Hey, what’s up? So as I’m writing this post, I thought how random this is. It’s almost 10PM and I’m about to prepare for school and stuff. But I decided to do another Q&A to keep things entertaining here at The Quirky Reader. Plus, I’m catching up on some tags that are way overdue. Continue reading