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A few days ago, it was announced that the crew behind the Fault in Our Stars movie is teaming up again for another John Green movie adaptation, this time for Paper Towns. There were mixed reactions. Some were highly enthusiastic for another YA adaptation while others are left to wonder, how long will they continue on adapting YA novels to the big screen?

I’m not against this whole project, for lack of a better term, but I’m not totally pleased with the outcome. Last year, we’ve had an explosion of YA novels getting adapted to movies. A lot of them flopped at the box office and/or received thumbs down from movie critics – and even the fans.

I think the biggest point film producers overlook here is that – not all novels are meant to be adapted to film. Sure, it may have a huge fan base and is doing a tremendous job at the New York Times bestseller. But do we really have to do it for every single book out there?

The reason why The Hunger Games, Twilight, and Harry Potter are such huge successes is because of their mainstream appeal, and well maybe their accumulated fan base. Their plot lines are actually exciting and interesting. And it’s something different and something new that we haven’t seen in the film industry these past decades.

If Hollywood is going to continue pursuing these adaptations, then they should at least consider the quality of the content.

3 thoughts on “YA Movie Adaptations

  1. I’m all for YA movie adaptation if its Harry Potter or Hunger Games for the same reason you said. Some of these adaptation are just down right horrible like Beautiful Creatures and ShadowHunters (City of Bones) both came out last year. PS both books were awesome. I just hope they don’t ruin TFIOS because its one of my favourite books.

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