The Not-So Bookish Journal Entry #1: A Day at the Springs

the not-so bookish journal

Hey everyone! So for today, I’m debuting yet another feature here on The Quirky Reader. I’m going to call it The Not-So Bookish Journal. Before I go on about this new feature, I want you guys to know that I talk a lot. Whether it be in school or at the house, I never seem to run out of topics to discuss. Especially if it concerns my adventures and thrills that I come across in real life.

So basically, I’m going to ramble about my “exciting” and “awesome” life in this feature. Oh, don’t worry. I promise to make your time worthwhile as you’re reading some of my posts or “journal entries”.

Journal Entry #1 – A Day at the Hot Springs

Last Monday, our whole family — or should I say clan — went to Sydney’s Hot Springs in Laguna. The journey was a pain in the arse (literally) and I found myself dozing off once and a while during the trip. But it was all worth it. We were staying in this grand and posh resort that has a breathtaking view of Mount Makiling.


The first thing I did was explore the resort. We were only allowed one room, but still I checked out the others only to find out they are all locked. Then there were some awkward photo-taking which I’m not going to share aha, but I did manage to take this beautiful shot of the pool and the mountain.

Swimming pools or should I say hot as heck hot springs?!

When I first dipped my feet on the pool, my first reaction was, damn this is hotOnly then did I realise we were at a hot springs resort which by the way, I did not know. This is what I get for not checking out the place on the web. And when I finally took a swim in the pool, oh man. It was freaking hot. I cannot even. Yep. But I wasn’t going to let a little heat ruin my vacation. I swam for a few hours until I couldn’t stand the springs anymore.

And then I took a nap.

Wildfires and even more swimming antics…

At last, I woke up from my beautiful slumber. Kidding. I just closed my eyes for an hour or so.

I took another swim and the water’s still hot for pizza’s sake. But something really interesting happened. Me and my brothers were hearing a crackling noise next door so I climbed up the nearby couch and I witnessed something really awesome. Well, at least for me.

There was a wildfire going on and it was just the most amazing thing happened. The grass were igniting every few minutes and the flames kept getting higher and higher as the winds surged. I was literally gaping in awe for a while. I didn’t get a decent shot though as there were barricades.


So that’s it! I hope you guys somehow enjoyed reading about my brief and wondrous adventure at the springs and my first ever entry. I’m going to be doing these occasionally (or maybe until you get sick of me).

Did anything interesting happened to you over the past week?

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