The Not-So Bookish Journal Entry #2: Little Infinities Screening 2014

the not-so bookish journal

I’m debuting yet another feature here on The Quirky Reader. I’m going to call it The Not-So Bookish Journal. Before I go on about this new feature, I want you guys to know that I talk a lot. Whether it be in school or at the house, I never seem to run out of topics to discuss. Especially if it concerns my adventures and thrills that I come across in real life.

So basically, I’m going to ramble about my “exciting” and “awesome” life in this feature. Oh, don’t worry. I promise to make your time worthwhile as you’re reading some of my posts or “journal entries”.

Journal Entry #2 – Little Infinities 

The Fault in Our Stars poster with some signatures by Filipino Nerdfighters! (c) John Green PH

On May 12th, 20th Century Fox Philippines hosted an advance screening of The Fault in Our Stars here in the Philippines. I had the opportunity to attend the said event alongside my co-admins — we run a fan site for Filipino Nerdfighters. You can find us here! #DFTBA

My parents accompanied me even though I was cranky the whole time we were in the mall. You see, I really wanted to go to the bookstore, but time was running out so I had to rush if I want to get in the theatre in time. There I met my fellow admins for the first time…There’s a Frozen reference hidden somewhere there.

Enough of the Disney musicals. When we got to the cinema, lo and behold, Kris Aquino — a local celebrity — was there. And of course, we requested a picture with her.

The Fault in Our Stars.

After the trailers were shown, everyone seemed to release a breath they didn’t realize they were holding. We were then shown a video message from John Green, Shailene Woodley, and Ansel Elgort. The theatre practically exploded in applause and shouts of joy.

I’m going to have to cut it from here because I think I’m not allowed to speak of what went down in the movie? The only thing I can tell you is that you won’t be disappointed. It was a faithful adaptation through and through.

After leaving the cinemas with wobbly legs and tear-stricken eyes (I didn’t cry by the way because I’m a robot ha), a lot of people from the media barrelled toward us for reactions and interviews. We got interviewed by various local newspapers, and we had our official fifteen minutes of fame.

The John Green Philippines team! *waves*

It was an amazing experience, all in all. It’s my first time attending to an event like this and I’m truly blessed. I’m thankful I glad to meet the team. To Kisha, Roge, and Kyla — meeting you guys was one of the highlights of the night. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to 20th Century Fox PH. Thank you so much for organising this event and giving us our very own little infinity.


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