Top Ten Classics That I Want To Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the awesome people over at The Broke and the Bookish.

Today’s theme is top ten classics that I want to read. Eff yeah for this week’s theme. I have a ton of classics that I plan on reading before the year ends.

Let’s hope I won’t run off this time because, let’s face it, they are intimidating sometimes.


1. Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

– I don’t know what to say about this classic other than its plot intrigues me.

2. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

– Ever since I watched 2011 adaptation of Jane Eyre, my desire to read this beloved classic has escalated even more.

3. Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

– I only found about this book through that Kate Bush song. I expect this to be a dark and dramatic read.

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4. 1984 by George Orwell

– My first love was the dystopian genre, and I feel somewhat obliged to read one of its pioneers.

5. The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

– A lot of people has compared this classic to The Perks of Being a Wallflower — which I totally despised — mainly due to the dispositions of both book’s narrators. I’m really curious to see what a hormonal teenage boy thinks back in the olden days.

6. The Giver by Lois Lowry

– Another pioneer of the dystopian genre. Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to read this classic in my younger years.

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7. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

– Actually, I want to read all of Jane Austen’s works starting with this one.

8. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

– Okay I admit, who is this Ponyboy character and why does he intrigue me??

9. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

– So I’ve read and catastrophically loved The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare, and when I heard it was inspired by this classic, I totally went nuts.

10. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

– Same reason as to why I want to read Tess of D’Urbervilles.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Classics That I Want To Read

  1. The Giver is a great choice! I hope you enjoy it.
    Also, I quite enjoyed Lolita. Well, as much as you can enjoy a book like that. I thought it was an interesting look into the narrator’s mind. It also makes you feel completely uncomfortable.
    My TTT!

  2. If Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights are on your list then I highly recommend one of Anne Bronte’s novels, too. 🙂 1984’s a great choice – Orwell really is the father of the dystopian genre!

  3. Amazing list. So many hear that I should add to my TBR list! Jane Eyre is a beautiful story and Tess is soul destroying. Good but so sad! I really want to read The Giver, 1984, Lolita and Wuthering Heights. Phew quite a list myself there! Hope you enjoy these! 🙂

    Becca @ Lost in Thought
    My TTT

  4. Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights are both such dark, lush reads. I always dream of isolated mansions hidden away on the English countryside for weeks after I reread them! Both 1984 and the Giver were great dystopian books, although I enjoyed the Giver more.

  5. Pride & Prejudice is a great Austen novel to start with! I think it eases new readers into her writing style without being as dense and slow as some of her other books (*cough*MansfieldPark*cough*). The Giver is totally awesome, too…I know the film for it will be coming out soon, and I’m hoping they don’t butcher the story. Also, I am very much Team Jane Eyre — I really disliked Wuthering Heights but I love Charlotte Bronte’s novel.

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