#AugustIsAwesome: The Aftermath with Jen Alexander + Giveaway!

I know what you’re thinking. It’s already September, Miguel! What the heck happened?! Well, school happened alright. Anyway, let’s just pretend for a while that this is indeed the last day of August and here I am posting on time. Okay?

Today I got to chat with Jen Alexander who is the author of the recently-released YA sci-fi, The AftermathScroll down to read the interview and don’t forget to check out The Aftermath!

The Quirky Reader: THE AFTERMATH has a very interesting premise – incorporating elements from role-playing games and cannibals. How did you come up with this world? What inspired you?

Jen Alexander: Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Miguel. THE AFTERMATH was inspired by a variety of games, but the premise itself came to me after a dream. I’d stayed up late playing a video game, and then I had this horrible nightmare where I was stuck inside a video game. In the dream, I was played by a gamer, which was admittedly terrifying. The entire experience felt so real that I absolutely had to write it down. The games that were most influential while I wrote THE AFTERMATH were God of War III and Final Fantasy XIII (Kratos and Lightning are two of my favorite video game characters of all time).

The Quirky Reader: Describe THE AFTERMATH’S two lead characters. What makes Claudia different among the sea of dystopian heroines right now? What can we expect from Declan?

Jen Alexander: At the beginning of the novel, Claudia is very confused. She’s slowly becoming self-aware, and her words and actions don’t quite make sense. As she becomes sentient, and after she comes to grips with the fact she’s a character in a game, she realizes she’s just as capable of doing all these things—the butt-kicking, escaping, and surviving—that Olivia (her gamer) has forced her to do over the last three years.

 As for Declan … Declan is a frustrating mystery for Claudia. He’s a moderator, so that means he’s working for the company that shoved her into the game, but he comes to her with a proposal that she can’t possibly turn down. She doesn’t trust him. She also knows that refusing to work with him will put a quick end to what might be her only chance to escape The Aftermath.

The Quirky Reader: What makes an exciting and thrilling sci-fi novel for you?

Jen Alexander: Lots of action and a plot that really makes me stop and think. This is going to sound crazy, but I like my sci-fi novels to scare me a little—to make me ask, “What if that really happened? What if our society took things a little too far, and this would be the outcome?”

The Quirky Reader: What is your favorite video game of all-time? Or, what are your favorite video games of all-time?

Jen Alexander: God of War III. Kratos is a wonderfully complex character, and the plot and backstory are so well-developed. GoW3 is one of those games that I could play over and over again and not get bored.

the aftermath

The Quirky Reader: A lot of video games these days are being adapted into film. Who would you cast as Claudia and Declan if THE AFTERMATH ever got a movie deal?

Jen Alexander: When I started writing THE AFTERMATH, I pinned images of Emily Browning and Kit Harington to my corkboard on Scrivener. I was thrilled to watch them on screen together in Pompeii (I really enjoyed that film, by the way) and I can still see them as Claudia and Declan!

About the Author.

A native of North Carolina,  JEN ALEXANDER spent her childhood with her nose buried in either a book or a video game, and sometimes both at the same time. Following a dream about a character trapped inside a live-action video game, Jen was encouraged by her husband to write The Aftermath, which is her debut novel. She now lives in North Carolina with her family, and in her spare time she enjoys going to the gym and trying to beat agonisingly tough levels of God of War and Call of Duty. Her nose is still usually buried in a book.

Giveaway Time!

Jen has been gracious enough to give away copies of her book! There will be two winners for this giveaway and two prizes: an ebook copy of THE AFTERMATH and a paperback copy of THE AFTERMATH.

Here are the giveaway guidelines:

  • Giveaway is open internationally.
  • I am not responsible, neither is Jen, for any lost or damaged package in the mail.
  • Giveaway is open to anyone over 13 years of age.
  • I will be checking the entriesDummy entries or uncompleted tasks will not be counted.
  • Winner will have two days/48 hours to respond to my email before I draw another winner.


6 thoughts on “#AugustIsAwesome: The Aftermath with Jen Alexander + Giveaway!

  1. Wohoo! Awesome interview, Miguel! I’m definitely stoked to read this one. Claudia sounds like someone who’ll go through a lot of development in the course of the novel, and I’m excited to read about that. 🙂

  2. The book reminds me of the movie, Gamer, which was a really good movie so I’m excited for this novel
    Plus you told me to join

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