The Christmas Carol Book Tag!

Merry Christmas, everyone! In line with the holiday season, I decided to do The Christmas Carol Book Tag created by Kat @ Perusing Bookshelves. I haven’t been active in the blogosphere lately so I think a tag will put me back on track! Also, thank you Kat for tagging me and letting me use your wonderful graphics! 9349160   Definitely Drake Merwin from the Gone series. I just love it when Sam and the crew kick his mutated butt every single time. #notevensorry 2247093     This is a tough one for me because there’s a mountain of books that I would like to receive for Christmas, but I know it won’t fit under our tree. So I decided to climb this mountain of books, and the book at the very peak is Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones. #hopesomeonesendsmethisone 6420563   I’ll go with Nalia from Exquisite Captive on this one. Her fight for freedom was not easy. It cost her lots of hard sacrifices that even I won’t attempt on doing. And her determination and keen sense purpose is what makes her one of my favourite heroines. 4156213 On the nice list – I’d say Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables. It’s one of my favourite classics of all time, and it’s thanks to Anne’s unbridled joy and earnest. On the naughty list – I’ll go with Ronan Lynch from the Raven Boys. I’m currently reading it (and it’s freaking fantastic) and his character is just…hmmm. I would expect coals for Christmas if I were him. 950173 DASH & LILY’S BOOK OF DARES. ‘Nuff said. 3584608_orig   I really loved the New York City setting The Geography of You & Me. Oh and it’s in America if you didn’t know. #whichyouprobablydidnt 4823863_orig   I don’t particularly have that much Holiday-themed books in mind, but if I were to have one book that I’ll read every Christmastime it’ll have to be Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares. I first read it in April and it gave me serious yuletide feels. 6646846_orig   I would love to spend the Holidays with the cast of Aspen by Rebekah Crane (sidenote: one of my favourite novels of 2014, go check it out!). They’re all so funny and I think if paired with a steaming mug of eggnog, it’ll be the best night ever. 5679795_orig   Though I don’t like the prospect of burning books, if there was no other choice then I’ll have to burn Insurgent and Allegiant – the last two books in the Divergent series. Man, did I only realise how much those two sequels drag on and on and on. I think the story could’ve been concluded in one book and extending it to a trilogy is overreaching a bit. Anyway, at least I got a fire to stay warm. 9621287_orig

Instead of writing a long paragraph about my love for this book and that book, I’ll be compiling my Favourites of 2014 list soon so you better check that out because it’s going to full of recommendations from me (I’m sure tired of me throwing them anyway).

So that’s it for The Christmas Carol Book Tag! I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this tag and I hope you all enjoy the holidays!

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