The Reading Slump Syndrome

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Asker: There’s something wrong with me. I can’t put my finger on it, but all I know is that I’ve been floating this past month. I tried reading but I always end up putting it back down or turning off my phone. It’s been terrible, not being able to transport to different worlds. How can I go back to normal?

Ah. I definitely know what is the problem. You are currently experiencing what is called the Reading Slump Syndrome. It’s when your mind tells you to read, but your body can’t respond or won’t cooperate. I’ve encountered many cases of the RSS, so I generally know how to treat it. Simply follow these tips:

Look at all those lists with books! *drools*
Look at all those lists with books! *drools*

Tip #1: Spend quality time with Goodreads

The most fun and probably the best way to overcome RSS is to get excited over books. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried scrolling through the lists in Goodreads – trust me, it’s addicting – and just adding random books to your To-Read shelf. Not only does it give you options on what books to read, but you discover even more books to read.

Tip #2: Lay off the Internet

Surfing the web is one of the leading causes in RSS. It takes up too much of your time. Scratch that, your reading time. Sometimes we have to let go of the things we love. *throws away phone and laptop*


Tip #3: Assign a time for reading

With our busy schedule every day, it’s hard to make room for a little pleasure reading. That’s why we have to make time instead. Of course, it depends on the person! If you want to get up really early in the morning just so you can read before work or school then go! Or maybe your a late-night kind of reader. Whatever floats your boat.

Tip #4: Find inspiration 

Go visit a bookstore. Scroll through book blogs. Browse pretty book covers on Goodreads. Sometimes the most subtle things arouse our reading senses.

Bonus Tip: Are you following any book series? Write down some of the release dates of your hotly anticipated sequels to keep you interested!

I hope my tips satisfy and cure you of this wretched syndrome. Doctor Miguel, out.



10 thoughts on “The Reading Slump Syndrome

  1. Awesome tips , Miguel! Whenever I get into a reading slump, Goodreads is definitely my go-to cure! I love adding tons and tons of books to my already overflowing TBR pile. ;D

  2. These are some really goood tips!

    I’m in a different kind of reading slump. It isn’t that I can’t read a book. It’s that I can’t like it. I’ve found myself giving more negative reviews than positive and I’ve been reading some books that people praise. It’s horrible. I’ll definitely try these tips!

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