Among Other Things (1)

So about a week ago (cue: thumping bass music) I had this awesome idea for a feature. Problem is, I can’t think of a catchy name…until now. Lame opening sentence aside, today, I’m debuting Among Other Things – it’s basically a random post about random things that’s currently on my mind. Be prepared for my quirk. (Also this feature was partly inspired by Elena of Novel Sounds‘ Liner Notes)

1. Marina and The Diamonds 

marina and the diamondsLivin’ la Dolce Vita. My love for this woman’s music is BEYOND COMPREHENSION. And when she released her newest album called FROOT, it felt like 1989 all over again. SHE SLAYED ME. I really hope she tours in the PH this time around. (Favourite tracks: Savages, Happy, Forget)

2. Shakespeare

macbeth-double_bxpp.jpgSo basically I lost my chill when I read this article. If you didn’t know, I LOVE SHAKESPEARE SO VERY MUCH and it’s my goal this summer to read his plays – or the ones that I’m interested in. I haven’t read Macbeth but I did hear one of my classmates’ report it and I immediately fell in love with the story and its conflicted characters. PLUS CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE MOVIE STARRING FASSY AND COTILLARD??? I’ll delve more about the films of 2015 in a different post. Oh and I’m currently reading  Twelfth Night in line with my new Mini Movie Reviews edition – watch out for that!

3. iPhone Games

gamesI finally took the liberty of installing games on my iPhone now that I use my Kindle to read all the books. My friends would complain: why aren’t there any games here? Well, I simply have no time for leisure playing…until recently. The games I’m currently hooked on are Dark Echo (a simple but terribly creepy game that messes with ya), Crossy Road (one word: ADORABLE), Overpaint (will appeal to your inner artist), and Don’t Touch the Spikes (my current obsession AND frustration)


3 thoughts on “Among Other Things (1)

  1. I LOVE ALL OF THESE IDEAS MIGUEL! Eeep ❤ I actually don't know Marina and Diamonds, but the overall idea of a random post is great for me! I kinda like posts like these, makes me see bloggers more as people or friends instead of just a online bookworm friend 😀

  2. OMG, I continually make this joke of “if anyone knew how many animals I’ve killed on Crossy Road, I’d have PETA on me for sure!” and it isn’t funny but I like it.

    MARINA IS <3333 I love the album even though I was a little iffy with FRoot at first. My faves are Immortal, Solitaire, Better than That and Happy. HAHA JUST KIDDING. I love the entire album. I think the only song I don't like as much as the other's is "You Can't Pin Me Down"

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