Delayed Gratification

let's talk aboutSo I was at the bookstore yesterday, and unsurprisingly, I was in a trance. I nimbly navigated my way to the shelves containing books that I wanted to read. And there were A LOT, I tell ya. I had like a book or two in my mind that I wanted to get, but all of a sudden I was carrying this pile (which is an exaggeration, I only carried three.) I told my mom if I could buy it all, and unsurprisingly, she said no.

I was at a loss for words. Well, you know what they say – too much of anything is too much. So I let go of the other books and now carried only one. As I was approaching the counter, I stopped. And then I walked out of the bookstore empty-handed.

I want to have a reason to want to go to the bookstore. I don’t want to be that person who feels obliged to spend on something – and I’ve been that person before. Trust me, it’s hard especially for your wallet. And by denying myself a purchase , not only can my wallet relieve a sigh, but I have a reason to go to the bookstore again.

To be honest, I had little money at that time and I was constantly at war with myself whether or not I should spend it. Even though it was hard to put the book down, I felt proud of my decision. Plus, I get to save it for later when I get my allowance again.

By the way, I’m not attacking anyone on this post and I don’t mean to offend. If you buy a lot of books in one trip, then I have no problem with that (GIVE ME MONEY PLEASE AHA.) But I’m imparting to you this precious truth: resist for a while, and then wait for a better reward.


6 thoughts on “Delayed Gratification

  1. Love this! I completely agree. I rarely ever buy more than two books in one trip to the bookstore because a) I want to save money and b) I know I won’t get around to reading them for a while anyway, so why have all these unread books lying around? I’d much rather buy them as I need them.

  2. I totally get what you mean! Even though I occasionally do some crazy book shopping, there are many times I’ve walked out of the bookstore empty handed. Right now most especially. I really want to save my money for my big summer trip so I’m holding off my book buying. 🙂

  3. I agree! When it comes to anything at all, I always feel really awkward not buying something and i have no idea why. We were at Teavana yesterday and there wasn’t a sale so in the 10 seconds we were in there, we just turned around and left and I felt weird but my dad was like “don’t worry about it.”

    I don’t spend on books but when I do, I spend an insane amount. I have books all over the place that I haven’t read and it’s actually so terrible. So I know what you mean by waiting. When I go to the bookstore, suddenly, it’s like I don’t even have a TBR!

  4. Oh god, I’m actually one of those people who *has* to buy something from every shop I visit (which is why I usually don’t enter shops. Heh), because it feels weird window shopping. I *almost* always take something home with me when I visit the bookstore.

    But I totally get what you mean! Sometimes I lug around a huge stack of books I want to buy, and then I just end up putting half of them back because I know I’ll be back. 😉

  5. Oh goodness, when I go to the bookstore it’s a constant battle between my brain and my want to buy all the books! I’m a really cheap person. Like, I don’t ever want to spend money on anything. I really only buy books when they’re on sale or I have a coupon or gift card. I’m always collecting a huge number of books while a shop and then always end up putting most all of them back.

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