Mini Movie Reviews! The First of Twenty-Fifteen.

HEY. YO. WASSUP???!! So welcome to my first Mini Movie Reviews! this year. If you’re not familiar with this feature or you happen to stumble upon this randomly, this is where I go full-on film critic and share my thoughts on the films I’ve been watching. I hope you missed this dear feature as I did. But enough chat, onto the movies!

twelfth night: or what you will

Directed by: trevor nunn

Starring: imogen stubbs, toby stephens, helena bonham carter, steven mackintosh

I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF THIS FILM. It made me love Twelfth Night even more as I saw these characters brought to life on-screen. But the definite highlight for me is the exuberant performance of the entire cast. They were SO FABULOUS. Highly recommend you check this one out. (I actually quite like this more than Much Ado about Nothing, oops.)


Directed by: ANDY FICKMAN

Starring: AManda bynes, channing tatum, laura ramsey, david cross, james kirk

If Twelfth Night made me swoon, this one made me LAUGH HYSTERICS. I know this isn’t the most clever comedy movie out there, but I have to admit the jokes/puns were HILARIOUS. And Amanda Bynes! Girl, you need to get your crap together and make more movies. Another criticism: spare me the awful soundtrack. Ugh.


Directed by: ROB COHEN

Starring: Jennifer lopez, ryan guzman, John corbett, ian nelson, kristin chenoweth

WHAT IS THIS FILM. Even after watching it, I’m still disturbed as heck. I didn’t expect this movie to elicit screams or nail-biting from me. BUT IT SURE DID. There’s actually so much potential for this to be a terrifyingly amazing thriller. It just falls short of the script and the storyline. The acting department though is pretty great esp. Ryan Guzman and Ian Nelson.


Directed by: Gia Coppola

Starring: Emma roberts, james franco, nat wolff, jack kilmer

I have mixed feelings for this film. I love the cinematography – which is the the first thing you’ll notice right away. I especially love the soundtrack – it adds a lot of atmosphere. I love the characters – they’re complicated; the way I like my characters. But like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I couldn’t relate with them nor with the story. I simply have no care, to put it bluntly. I do have to give a shoutout to Jack Kilmer who STOLE THE SHOW for me. And Gia Coppola, we need more movies from you.

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