Among Other Things (2)

Among Other Things is this totally random feature wherein I talk about totally random things going on with my life. Please humour me.


tv showsThis is main reason why I haven’t been keeping tabs with my online social life the past couple days. Though I’m quite far from becoming a couch potato, I can definitely say that I’m turning into one of those people who obsess over TV shows and talks (and thinks) about it non-stop. So the two shows I’ve been watching are CW’s iZombie and Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle. Both are so much fun to watch – especially iZombie ahh the feels – and I recommendz them to you.


more musicI feel like it’s only common sense to include at least one music-related article in this feature. A few weeks ago I discovered this out-of-this-world artist named Grimes. AND WOWOW. I am completely blown away by her artistry; she’s like a one-woman band #girlpower. I recommend this song and this song by her. And the other artist who I’m soooo obsessing over right now is none other than my favourite band of all-time (queen) Florence + The Machine. I don’t have words on how so FREAKING EXCITED I am for her new album. (current song on-repeat)


films moreCan you see the pattern now? Yeah, I’m pretty much all over different forms of entertainment these days. As for movies, I just watched Comet a few hours ago (like 12 midnight ago) and let me tell you HOW HARD I SOBBED WATCHING THIS MOVIE. If you’re into like magical realism/sci-fi films (in the vein of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) then I highly recommend you check this one out. Please ignore Rotten Tomatoes’ low rating, btw. And the other film I plan on checking is It Follows. I’ve heard rave reviews about this and from Joey so I can’t wait to watch it!!!! (preferably in the middle of the night)


By now you can at least guess that I’m pretty preoccupied or DISTRACTED the past days and I haven’t done any real reading (I was skimming halfheartedly). And I’m sort of scared I won’t get back in track???? Because last month I was a total reading machine and I read like, what, 20 books? Plus school’s right around the corner and I plan on reading as much as I can because I know I’ll be busy as all heck. *incoming shameless plug-in* Good thing I wrote this very helpful post about reading slumps.



11 thoughts on “Among Other Things (2)

  1. First, I hope you bust that reading slump soonest!

    I’m the guy who thinks he wants to watch a bajillion TV series but never gets around to actually seeing any besides GoT, but if I were, iZombie would be on my list. And I agree with F+TM! Magnificent voice! Not many months when I wouldn’t stop listening to Cosmic Love on repeat! I’ve recently discovered Four Eyes and (don’t laugh at me) Ellie Goulding recently, all thanks to Will Walton.

  2. Yay, more TV shows to add on my list of TV shows to watch before I die! LOL. Have you watched How to Get Away With Murder? IT’S AMAZING. I finished it last week and now I’ve started Faking It and Orphan Black. Both great, although different. I’m looking forward to seeing iZombie, thanks for the rec 😀

  3. I have been hearing such positive reviews about iZombie, I’ll make sure to put it on my tv list. The thing about watching a lot of tv is that when I binge shows I tend to develop a reading slump which kinda sucks because I want to be able to enjoy reading and watching at the same time!

  4. I’ve mainly heard of iZombie on Twitter! Is it as good as The Walking Dead (hahahahaha.. TWD, good? Maybe in the first three seasons… right now the only feedback I hear is that it is slow as heck)? I know there is a Syfy show Zombie Nation but I never really got into that because… well, it feels like a parody, to be honest. This summer I plan to watch Daredevil. I only heard good things about it!

  5. I don’t really watch too much TV, but I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about iZombie! I might find time to check it out. 🙂 You watch horror/thriller (not sure what it is–just judging by the photo) IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT? Are you insane? xD I can only watch those at like 8 am, with AT LEAST three people with me, haha. I also plan to read more because hello, school. 😦

  6. I totally understand being all over different media. I do that ALL the time! I haven’T watched any of these, but the IZombie pic looks GRUESOME haha

  7. I’m thinking of trying iZombie but there are SO many shows so idk. It does look really interesting though!

    LOVE Florence and I’m listening to Grimes as I type this. Loving the beat of the song but her voice is really unique and unfortunately, not my style. It’s a shame though, because the lyrics are amazing!

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