Mini Movie Reviews! Late Summer Bingeing.

It’s that day again where I share five to ten sentences about the films I’ve been watching…welcome to Mini Movie Reviews! I’m trying to make an intro for this feature so please bear with me. As you can tell by the title, IT’S ALREADY THE END OF SUMMER FOR US IN THE PH. School’s right around the corner, and I’m here doing some late-minute watching/reading. Anyway, onto the movies!


Directed by: sam esmail

starring: justin long, emmy rossum

Please ignore whatever Rotten Tomatoes has to say about this film, because THIS IS JUST BLOODY BRILLIANT. Don’t believe the naysayers. If you like dysfunctional romances in the line of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind then this might just be for you. It’s very entertaining and you’re easily caught up in the tangled webs of Long and Rossum’s relationship.

Kingsman: the secret service

Directed by: matthew vaughn

starring: colin firth, taron egerton, samuel l. jackson

This is one of my most anticipated films of last year, and I don’t know why I didn’t get around to watching it. UNTIL NOW. Let me reuse the phrase I used from my Comet review: THIS IS JUST BLOODY BRILLIANT. Deep inside, I’ve always loved spy-themed entertainment. From the badass technology to the even more badass disguises. And Kingsman had it all in my opinion. And GUYS. TARON EGERTON. What a showstopper.


Directed by: david robert mitchell

starring: maika monroe, keir gilchrist, olivia luccardi, daniel zovatto, jake weary, lili sepe

Make way for my favourite film of 2015. So far. I discovered this film through the Cannes Film Festival last year and Indiewire was raving about it. This also might be the creepiest horror movie concept out there. It’s best if you don’t know anything about this film, and in that way you’ll get MORE SCARES. I promise. Plus, the soundtrack is even creepier!!! (And can I say THIS IS JUST BLOODY BRILLIANT?)

fifty shades of grey

DIRECTED BY: Sam taylor-johnson

Starring: dakota johnson, jamie dornan

This is just bloody awful. There’s a reason why this movie is in the bottom of this post. And it’s because it was bloody awful. The script was so poorly written, it honestly felt like some mindless hormonal teenage wrote it. The acting was between Is That Even Acting? to Okay That’s Decent. Everybody was just so awkward to look at especially Dakota Johnson — who pretty much looked miserable the entire time. But at least the soundtrack’s good, right?

7 thoughts on “Mini Movie Reviews! Late Summer Bingeing.

  1. I agree with the last one! Other than cheesy lines, I don’t agree with the way they made it so mainstream. Its annoying how they branded the movie as a 20 something movie for young adult women. But yes, the soundtrack was to die for, gosh earned it was awesome!

  2. The only thing that was even remotely good about Fifty Shades was the soundtrack. I think it pretty much was the best soundtrack of the year. Apart from that? God, no. It was Fifty Shades of Nope Not Happening.

  3. It’s funny because my mom brought home Fifty Shades of Grey and Kingsman yesterday, and I thought about reviewing them, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to torture myself with Fifty Shades. xD At least Kingsman sounds interesting. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

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