I Am Hannah Montana

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Remember that show Hannah Montana? You know, the one starring Miley Cyrus pre-Wrecking Ball, flower wild child? Oh and there’s that song Best of Both Worlds that we used to love and hairbrush sing all the time. But I know you’re probably wondering: what is Hannah Montana doing on my blog?

Well, I could sort of relate with Hannah Montana in a blogging sense. I haven’t really broadcasted my awesome double life as a blogger to my friends and family because I like keeping it a secret. Kind of like how Miley needs to keep Hannah Montana a secret. You guys see where I’m going?

My mom is one of the few people in my family who knows about my blog., and so often she comments on how I seem like a different person online. And I guess I could agree. Blogging has definitely opened a lot of doors for me; it taught me to construct my own firm opinions, it taught me to be outrageously quirky. But what am I like in real life?

Well, don’t be surprised if I don’t seem as sassy or as awesome as I appear to be online LOL. But in truth, I’m not really that different in the real world. Besides blogging, I have a set of priorities to uphold. I’m currently the president of our student council in my school. I’m a keyboardist in our church. And I have a band, among other things.

So that’s it. I just want to share with you guys that I’m a perfectly normal human, and to get a good idea of what I’m like behind the blog.

what’s your hannah montana story?

20 thoughts on “I Am Hannah Montana

  1. I love the post title, Miguel! I was intrigued and clicked right away when I saw it. 🙂

    I’m *mostly* open about my blog, personally. I mean, I don’t announce it to everyone I meet, but if someone asks, I’ll tell them about it. My family and closest friends know about it, and they also always mention that there’s something different about me online, haha. 🙂

    And wow–you’re a busy person in real life! That’s awesome! My dad wants me to run for student council, but no thank you. I am not good with responsibilities that big!

  2. Your title is one of the most eye catching ones I’ve read all week…bravo, Miguel!

    I agree with Aimee. While I don’t talk about my blog to my friends and family, I also don’t shy away from squealing and grumbling about books…and my blog eventually comes up in conversation, which I’m okay with. I did used to protect my virtual life fiercely, but I’m cool with my friends and family stopping by my blog now 🙂

  3. Genius Title Clickbait UNLOCKED!

    Whoa there. Student Counsil president. Dude! That’s major! You go! I’m pretty open about my blog with people around me, and some of my close friends even support me when I get these little triumphs. The only thing that’s Hanna Montana-ish in my story is my virtual perception of me: he is way more eloquent (and sometimes funny) than me IRL. So. There’s that.

  4. I think that many of us bookish sort of people are introverts and feel more comfortable letting our personalities shine on our blogs than in person. I used to be very much the same way. As I get older, I am more comfortable and my on line personality begins to look more like my in person personality.

  5. I do understand what you mean. I used to keep my blog for myself too when I was starting out. My family or friends doesn’t know about my blog and that I’m writing stuff online. I guess that’s why I have came up with a unique net nickname when I was blogging.

    PS: I love watching Hannah Montana!

  6. You always make me click on your posts! Last time I wrote a line about wearing converse and dresses and today I am here because of Hannah Montana, lol. I l really enjoy reading your posts, you come off as very sassy, indeed. Like you’d be a very cool friend to have, always having a laugh. I love that you have a band! How do you manage to do all of these things?! I am in awe.

    My family knows I have a blog and my friends do too. Sometimes I share a post on facebook, even, but I feel like the language is a barrier since I blog in English but my native language is Spanish so not all of them can read the posts. I feel like I am more outspoken online than in real life.

  7. My actual name isn’t Nova so I guess I’m also hannah in a sense?

    I tend to act the same way around people and on my blog purposely. It started like you, where I was more open on my blog. But somehow, it spilled over and I became really open in real life. I got called a few names for being too honest but whoops, h8rs gonna h8.

    I don’t think we’re ever “fake” or different in a sense. It’s all the faces of us that are allowed to come out behind the security of the screen.

  8. Weellll, I just started blogging a couple of months ago so I’m def a newbie. And only my close family know I blog… well my mom and sister do. It’s not that I’m keeping it a secret, Im just not a “people person” therefore I don’t shout it to the world how awesome I am and how I have this equally awesome blog. (No, not really) hehe

  9. My Hannah Montana story is kind of like the movie, as of this week, haha. I didn’t broadcast the news that I’m a blogger, but I finally put my blog link and said specifically that I blog in my new Instagram feed. So we’ll see how many of my real life people actually figure it out and comment on that!

    Love this post title, by the way – very eye-catching 😀

  10. This is great, you really made me laugh:) I don’t tell people I blog either because when I do people look at me funny. They seem to think all anyone blogs about is clothes or celebrities, which isn’t true! I’m sure you’re just as fabulous in person as you are online^^.

  11. This was truly such an enlightening post. I kinda read it and then sat back and just went WOW. Because I have always wanted to be Hannah Montana even though I’ve probably far exceeded the age of when it is still reasonable to want to be a made up Disney Channel character but anyway it makes me feel kinda kickass that I have this Hannah Montana thing going on as well. Like some of my close friends know about my blog but very few and my parents know but apart from that, it’s not something I share so I guess a lot of people wouldn’t have any reason to think I’m a blogger? But I don’t think I’m that different online and offline. Except when I’m online, you don’t get to see the mood swings that I get or the times when I’m sad or anything like that so usually it’s just me but like super happy me and always talkative which certainly isn’t the case all the time IRL!

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