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Sometimes I don’t want to blog, and that’s totally okay with me. Sometimes I don’t want to read, and I lose nothing. Sometimes saying no is the most glorious thing I could ever do, and that’s why I’m writing this.

Recently, I’ve “lost” the magic touch of blogging, or in layman’s term – I have no inspiration whatsoever. During the rare times that I have free time from school, I open my laptop and pause. What am I going to write about? Will it be worthy enough to post to the world? And a dozen resounding no’s answered me.

I pondered hard and thought of all the possible consequences of my deny-a-thon. I might lose followers. I might not reach my Goodreads Reading Goal – which btw, I’m only two books behind ha. But then I thought of the real world and realised, hey I have a crapload of homework to do I should be doing that.


What I’m trying to point out is that sometimes we just have to stop. I’m not saying stop permanently to blogging but stop temporarily. I don’t want to be that guy who feels obligated to post every day just to keep up with everybody. I want to be that guy who allows himself the right amount of time to write the perfect blog post. I don’t want blogging to drain the life out of me; I want it to refresh my spirits.

Anyway, that is all. Hope you’re all having a wonderful day and I’ll see you when I finally say yes.

32 thoughts on “Saying No

  1. I LOVED THIS POST, MIGUEL. You shouldn’t push yourself to do something you’re not feeling at the time. It’s definitely okay to say no–your true supporters will still be here even if you post once a year. 😉

  2. That’s what I did. I stopped blogging for a while. I’m glad I do have co-bloggers to help me out, but to be honest, it was one of those times that I felt worried, and somewhat lonely. I even stopped reading. I am 17 books behind my Goodreads challenged. There’s a saying, “Stop and smell the roses.” I guess, you can apply it here? 🙂

  3. As someone who is the master at reading slumps (which inadvertently affects every other content going forward), I empathize with this post a lot.

    (I say the following with holistic intentions) Go solo cinema and watch Inside Out. Find yourself immersing into new television like Sense8 or Mr. Robot. Do what makes you feel you; break or otherwise not. The community ain’t going anywhere. Heck, we’ll even say no with you until you’re back.

    Stay classy, Migsy (the ultimate form of Miggy–but also because it has that Eggsy ring to it).


  4. This post is perfect, Miguel. I think I’ve finally learned that saying no is what is necessary. And I totally get reading and blogging slumps, it happens. Plus, better content usually comes from being inspired. Hope you enjoy this break, and don’t stress to much about school!

  5. I love this! I’m in a big reading “no” right now. It’s not even a slump, I just don’t want to read. Life is too short to push yourself to do things that don’t bring you joy at the moment.

  6. Love this post! Bloggers are human too and we can’t just churn out great content on a day to day basis. Taking a break is okay and I think it’s time that we all acknowledge that.

  7. I love reading this! It took me TWO YEARS to figure it out that I don’t have be posting every day to get interaction from bloggers – that’s what Twitter is for 😉 I hope your inspiration comes back though!

  8. Yep, yep, yep. I get like this often so I don’t bother with it all. Right now I have no desire to write posts but I am in a reading mood. So, I’m reading. I haven’t commented on blogs in a hundred years but figured I’d make some time this evening. I think your approach is great!

  9. I think saying no is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our own well-being – I know it’s something I’ve always had trouble with (I always feel like I’m letting the imaginary crowd down, when it’s just my brain rebelling against the idea of not doing ALL THE THINGS). But I’m so glad you have the presence of mind to step back a little bit and just do what comes naturally to you. That’s how the best blog posts come along, I think – when the inspiration flows naturally, without us forcing it to. 🙂

  10. TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU WANT ❤ it is infinitely OKAY to want to give blogging a break. I had to take horribly long breaks because school, and exams just got too overwhelming. But it's fine, and you deserve it, so take the time ❤ Everyone's entitled to zone out sometimes, right?

  11. I think this is really typical for all bloggers (me included). A break is a perfect solution to your slump and you should take all the time you need to just relax. You’ll know when it’s time to go back! Best of luck Miguel and have a fantastic hiatus! 😀

  12. Actually a break sounds marvellous right about now :p I think the approach you take is perfectly right…we don’t post just because we need to get something posted. And if we’re feeling uninspired or bored or just plain tired, then its okay to not post for a while too. Best of luck, Miguel, in whatever you choose to do for now and I’m hoping to see you around the blogosphere soon 😀

  13. AWWW I CAN TOTALLY RELATE. School has been hectic and honestly, we just get tired and even when we try to write something for the blog we know that its not of good quality so we just don’t do it at all. But what you said is true. Blogging is supposed to be fun and invigorating. We shouldn’t end up hating it. Love this post of yours Miguel!


    “It’s exhausting to care about something that much, to put in all that effort. Sometimes it’s a relief not to give a shit.” -ALTHEA & OLIVER by Cristina Moracho

  15. This is so true. Whenever I have a slump, I just embrace it because that’s better than forcing yourself to do something you don’t feel like doing. And, that’s awesome you’re only 2 books behind your goal! I’m like 33 books behind hahaha

  16. I agree with your decision Miguel, if you’re not feeling blogging, you don’t do it. Sometimes switching up content works better for some people, and for some, it’s taking a much needed break and just doing what’s best for you. Good on you for being honest with people and to just vanishing too, that’s always in important thing to do. Good luck on your break away! 🙂

  17. I just had to stop blogging for 2 months. Real life demanded more attention and it was awesome to dive in fully – and then return to blogging recharged and not having the pressures of life things worrying me.

  18. As usual, I’m late to the party. But, yeah, I so can relate. YOU DO YOU, Miggy! One of my crucial life lessons from last year to early 2015 is “learn to walk away.” And, I’m not saying you walk away from all this but they run in the same vein as saying no, right? Who knows, your next commute might give you all the discussion posts.

  19. I nominated you for The Real Neat Blog Award (no rush to do it!):
    I made a major error and didn’t include the questions for the nominees in my post. So, here you go.

    1. If you could go hang out with 2-3 characters for a day, where would you go (fictional), what would you do and why would you do it?
    2. If you could build something using multiple copies of your favorite book of 2015, what would you build, and why?
    3. What is your favorite color?
    4. Sci fi or fantasy? Why?
    5. What are three of your favorite TV show? Which set of characters are most likely to win a swordfight?
    6. Why did you start blogging?
    7. What is your favorite thing to do that is in no way related to the book world, books, or the community?

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