Randomsauce (3)


Remember that totally random post that I made that featured totally random things? Well, it’s back with a spanking new brand name. I admit that the name Among Other Things is such a mouthful and uninspired = adjectives that I don’t want to associate with my blog.

So hi. Welcome to Randomsauce! On this edition, I answer some questions from one of my viewers, Wesaun at Oreo and Books. Thank you, Wesaun!

If you could go hang out with 2-3 characters for a day, where would you go (fictional), what would you do and why would you do it?

I would hang with my wingman Sturmhond (The Grisha), my right hand Austin (Play On), and my spirit animal Elise (This Song Will Save Your Life) and we’ll all go to this underground alternative rave club. Because we’re hipsters like that.

If you could build something using multiple copies of your favorite book of 2015, what would you build, and why?

I’d build an Eiffel Tower out of millions of Emmy & Oliver books because it’s all about the love and adorableness. ❤

What is your favorite colour?

Red is my default favourite colour. Blue is my favourite colour to wear.

Sci fi or fantasy? Why?

Fantasy because they have so much more fun there! Not that sci-fi isn’t fun or anything.

What are three of your favorite TV show? Which set of characters are most likely to win a swordfight?

America’s Next Top Model, iZombie, and How to Get Away with Murder. I guess the iZombie crew just because they’re badass in their own right plus they have Liv. But you never know, maybe Tyra Banks has an endless barrage of weaves in her arsenal.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I love reading and I love writing = so I wanted to express in that in a neat and online form or, a blog.

What is your favorite thing to do that is in no way related to the book world, books, or the community?

I’m a musician and I play in a band. I also like researching things on the internet esp. the weird and creepy stuff like conspiracy theories and ghosts and such. And I love playing badminton. Care for a match?

Postscript: I’m writing this post as spontaneous as possible so please forgive me if I appear slap happy in here. Also, I still don’t know if I’m back to my blogging routine yet. I promise I’ll be back and commenting on everybody’s posts once I actually have legit free time from school. I’ll see ya soon guys, bye!

5 thoughts on “Randomsauce (3)

  1. I liked that you used The Persistence of Memory in your banner, really fitting! And you mentioned Sturmhond! ❤ As for researching conspiracy theories… I do that occasionally too, I admit.

  2. I love playing badminton! Great answers, and The Persistence of Memory is one of my favorite paintings! And you saying the ant Banks weaves thing has me rolling. Obviously, no rush or expectation for any tags/etc in the future! I couldn’t do school right now. Ugh, good luck with that!

  3. Def agree with you on red. And the blue. Actually my favorite color is maroon but that’s close enough xD
    And I’d totally play you in badminton but you’d definitely win 10/10 matches. It takes me a while to “warm up” and even then I’m not that good haha!

  4. OMG MIGUEL I CAN TOTALLY RELATE WITH YOU REGARDING RESEARCHING CREEP AND RANDOM STUFF. I actually watch a lot of those pseudo documentaries or listsaries on youtube about the “5 pictures taken before they dead” or conspiracy theories, too (my favorite so far are about aliens being hidden in Area 51 :P) HIGH FIVE, BROTHA. HIGH FIVE!

    Faye at The Social Potato

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