These Songs Are Actually Books

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature wherein I try to list at least ten things that are being asked by the lovely ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish.

It’s been forever since I last did one of these, so I guess it seems fitting that this week’s topic is something I can really talk about for days.

For me, these songs give me the strongest imagery and visuals for a novel. It may be because of the lyrics or the atmosphere of the instruments that make me go hey, I think this would make a great fantasy! Anyway. Here are my picks.

queen of peace


Think epic Romeo and Juliet medieval fantasy where there’s even more drama and family feuds and magical powers.


Believe by Mumford & Sons

Think serious contemporary about a hero/heroine with a broken family who lost all faith in love…until it comes back to break their heart once more?


Oblivion by Grimes

Think a creepy and realistic short story by Rosamund Hodge. (Comment if you get the same vibe)

all too well

All Too Well by Taylor Swift

Think the ultimate YA contemporary romance…minus the happily ever after.

don't save me

Don’t Save Me by Haim

Think squads and slice-of-life and school parties. Oh, and some heartbreak.

kitchen sink

Kitchen Sink by Twenty One Pilots

Think a coming-of-age story of an outcast where he struggles with his identity and clings on to their [insert hobby here].

i know

I Know by Tom Odell

Think cutesy and nerdy contemporary romance where the guy tries to be cool for this girl he has a huge crush on.

the visitation of the ghost

The Visitation of the ghost by the brobecks

Think a comical horror story where our hero/heroine enters an abandoned house and meets…a friendly family of ghosts?

favourite record

Favourite record by Fall Out Boy

Think your staple YA contemporary about music and how it apparently saves lives and brings forth romance and love.

last hope

Last Hope by Paramore

Think your usual novel about heavy topics like mental illness or depression.

Do you have songs that come across as books to you?

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