Hello, It’s Me


Hello, indeed, from the other side.

I should probably warn you that this might be a lengthy post, but if you like good stories and me then please indulge me.


When school started, I knew in my mind that I wouldn’t be able to blog as much as I would like. Little did I know that I was already taking an unintentional hiatus from my blog. It deeply saddened me that I couldn’t write/draft posts because I was so busy with school. #priorities #priorities #priorities

During those times I wasn’t blogging, I was contemplating. Particularly, about where I stand as a blogger and where I want to take my blog to. It was sort of an epiphany for me because throughout 2015, I was carrying this single thought: I’m a bad blogger. But things have changed greatly.

So hey, this is me. #hello #thequirkyreader #whydidisharethis

April 2nd 2016. I graduated from junior high school with honors!!! I can’t put into words how happy and grateful and proud I am that I’ve reached this milestone in my life. Tenth grade was the craziest year ever for me, and I won’t forget all those sleepless nights and sleepy mornings. Those sacrifices I had to make to really excel in my studies (e.g. blogging, reading).


Fast forward to present time, and I’m gradually making my way back into blogging and the community again. I hope you welcome an old fellow with open arms aha. Do expect some changes like a lot of changes. For one, I might post less but when I do it’ll be awesomeeeeeeeee.

Also, I’m really thinking of making The Big Move – as in have my own domain and all – after I understand how haha. So if you know anything about this stuff please feel free to help me below.

Besides that, I also want The Quirky Reader to be true to everyone who’s visiting and reading my blog. That’s why I put my graduation picture in this post even though I really really really don’t want to (more on this in another post). Expect to see more of the Real Life Miguel in my posts.

So! I guess I said all that needs to be said. If you’ve reached this end of the post, then you’re awesome. ‘Til next time.


6 thoughts on “Hello, It’s Me

  1. Congratulations, Miguel! And I totally understand what you mean. I try to be pretty honest and open on my blog but putting up pictures of myself in my posts still makes me shy. You look great though! 🙂 And the move sounds so awesome. I don’t know much about going self hosted or having a domain so I can’t help you there, but that sounds so exciting! I noticed you were posting book reviews here and there throughout your hiatus. But welcome back! 🙂

  2. Congrats on your accomplishment and don’t worry about the picture, you’re gorgeous. (Lmao. Does that make it worse?) Although I’ll love your creative paper bag pictures against walls in a pretty environment all the same.

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