Rex Corvus, Parate Regis Corvi – A Review

the raven cycle
A pretty shot of my loves. Very pretty, aren’t they?


How can I even begin to describe how marvellous and imaginative this series is? I might just fill this post with flowery adjectives and it still won’t be enough to measure the genius of Maggie Stiefvater’s words.

I would say The Raven Cycle is more along the lines of The Scorpio Races with its enthralling mythology and intrigue than The Shiver Trilogy which was overtly romantic, for me, but still nice.

And if you’re diving headfirst without knowing anything about this series, allow me to try my best in putting it into meaningful words because, heck, there’s a lot going on with these books.

Oh, and this is completely spoiler-free.

Dreams, Welsh Kings, Magic, and Wonder.

The Raven Cycle revolves around the not-so-psychic daughter of a psychic, Blue Sargent and her Raven boys: GanseyAdamRonan, and Noah. They’re all on a quest – mostly Gansey – to search for the long-dead Welsh king, Glendower. And they all get tangled up with the supernatural namely: monsters plucked out of dreams, magical forests, and spirit lines.

The Raven Boys. Art by Cassandra Jean

Oh, and Blue is fated to kiss her true love to death (spoiler alert: it’s probably not Gansey).

Besides those things, you’re in for some really interesting character dynamics and relationships. Blue and the Raven Boys have such distinct voices and personalities – one of the many reasons why this series is critically acclaimed – and they’re interactions with each other are soooo well-written.

Of course, the secondary characters are not cardboard cut-outs. We’ve got the women of 300 Fox Way mainly: Maura Sargent, Calla Johnson, and Persephone Poldma. Their dynamic is spot-on and reading about their psychic interactions/readings are always so fascinating.

Plot-wise, The Raven Cycle is unlike anything out there. It’s a heady mixture of paranormal, fantasy, mythology. There’s so much vagueness and magic going on yet it feels authentic because set in Real Life land – and I think that’s what make this series stand-out.

It’s a slow-burn kind of romance.

No, I’m not talking about the romance in this series rather I’m talking about the romance with Maggie’s writing style. 

I’ve read a few reviews not only about The Raven Cycle but also with Maggie’s other works commenting on her unique and verbose way of storytelling – both positively and negatively. Now, I will say there’s a lot of pretty, pretty sentences in this series. They range from oh, that is lovely and quotable to um, what again? At one point in reading The Raven Boys, I was so ready to drop this book because I can’t get pass the pretty. But I pushed all the way through and was rewarded.

It’s a slow-burn kind of romance with Maggie’s words, you know? Don’t let it hinder you from reading one of the best books ever ever ever.

The magical forest of Cabeswater. One of the many supernatural things in the series.


Sometimes it’s nice to get swept by the hype because you never know it might be worth it. Even low-key hype which I’m currently doing.

I love this series so much and I have no regrets spending all my money on this babies.

Highly, highly recommend.  A+++

6 thoughts on “Rex Corvus, Parate Regis Corvi – A Review

  1. I completely agree on the slow burn romance with the writing. I read the first three books a month ago and the writing took some time getting used to at first but now I’m completely sucked in by it! Great review 😄

  2. A+ for the Latin in the title! I’m one of the few people that has not read The Raven Cycle but I did purchase The Raven Boys in March so I hope to pick it up someday (hopefully sooner than later since so many have praised these books). But I actually did read The Wolves of Mercy Falls many, many years ago. I agree, it was a little overly romantic but I really liked them. :3 Nice series review, Miguel!

  3. I’m really glad you liked these too! TRC is one of my favourite series. I didn’t really enjoy the Wolves of Mercy Falls, but the writing and character dynamics really stole my heart here. (I just. LOVE EVERYONE IN THE BOOKS. *flails*)

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