The Art of Not Reading


Spontaneous. Spontaneous. Spontaaaaaaaaneous.

According to Goodreads, I’ve read a grand total of 18 books in a span of five months this year. Around this time last year, I read like roughly 30-40+ books already. What happened? I have three theories.

Theory #1: Game of thrones Bingeing


So I finally got around to watching this awful show called Game of Thrones last month, and I was actually planning on reading the books first – as do all obedient bookworms do – but I got bored. Watching the show however, was not boring.

Spoilers be damned, I’m having a helluva good time with this series. I just started Season 5 and thank God I’ve heard not that many spoilers for Season 6 there are so many spoilers for Season 6 everywhere I cry.

Anyway, a huge chunk of my day is either occupied with watching the show and/or watching funny moments of the cast online. Oh, don’t judge.

THEORY #2: Amateur Artist Auteur

So I have a summer job. I basically hired myself to be a graphics artist.

At night – when I’m supposed to be reading – I tinker about with Photoshop trying to create the next big art out there…not really. I’m just having fun combining fonts especially serifs and scripts. I’m also mastering the art of gif-making which is so frustrating. (see art above)

I usually work at around 10PM and get off at 12MN. Then I read for about an hour.

THEORY #3: The Art of Not Reading

I sort of mentioned this in my Hello, It’s Me post but I think I never really got over my nonexistent reading slump.

It started June of last year where I became so occupied with school that I unintentionally ignored leisure reading. And I miss that so much. Do you ever get that feeling sometimes where you want to read but you don’t know how to read?

It’s a struggle for me and I try to hype myself up by looking for reading inspiration. Just now I actually saw the ARC for Rosamund Hodge’s next novel up for request and I just remembered all the good YA stuffs.

I also want to help people out there experiencing reading slump. Find the doctor right here. Sorry not sorry for plugging.


I hope this has been a worthwhile read. I’ll be back soon with…I don’t know probably something bookish. Until the next spontaneous.

8 thoughts on “The Art of Not Reading

  1. I totally relate to everything in this post. I binge-watched all six seasons of Gossip Girl in under a month (most likely as a result of extreme stress). I just didn’t feel like reading, and I was that way for a little over a month. It was actually kind of scary for me, I was like, “EMILY WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU?!” But art took up a lot of my time too. Oh and UM I LOVE YOUR GRAPHIC UP THERE! I’m so jealous of people like you that can just pick up programs and make beautiful graphics and fonts. I will learn eventually lol 😛

  2. You sound like Supernatural & moi, last year end. It was awful. Think 210+ episodes, and poor old me. I didn’t want to read, I didn’t want to review, I just wanted my dose of SPN ALL. THE. TIME. I think…maybe just push through the urge to put off reading, and just read? There are a LOT of YA Fantasy books coming out this year (and Bright Smoke, Cold Fire sounds like it’ll be up there at the top), so hopefully you’ll be motivated enough to pick something up. AND SOON.


  3. hahaha those are very legit reasons for not reading as much. I love Game of Thrones so I’m quite disappointed to hear the books are boring, especially since I planned on reading them sometime this summer. Oooh that’s amazing (the gif thing!!) I fully support your exploring the making of gifs. I think it’s so cool. Also, 18 books is not bad, as long as you enjoyed them 😀

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