Mini Movie Reviews! The Summery Return

yay film posters

It’s that time of the year again. Where I watch some films. And review them for the greater good…

Can you believe that the last time I did one of these is exactly around this time last year? I guess it must be fate that urged to write another instalment in the ever-growing and titillating Mini Movie Reviews! series. Forgive the word vomit, I’m just so excite.


I usually have a theme when I binge-watch movies, and I decided to a John Carney fest because why not? And I absolutely adore the song, Falling Slowly, which is from this film so I obvs had to check it out. I was not prepared for the onslaught of intense feels to come my way.

Once is everything I ever wanted in a musical indie – vague, non-linear, full of heart, and good music. I can see why this was a hit back then. The performances of the two leads were so captivating and their chemistry is Just Too Freaking Much.


I love coming-of-age films. For me, they hit right at home (aka my heart) and when executed right, are so damn relatable. The Way He Looks is no exception.

Originally, this was a Brazilian short film but I guess due to its popularity the director decided to expand its horizon – thank God. Besides the obvious LGBT theme going on, I liked how the movie excellently portrayed the struggles of living with a disability. Our protagonist, Leonardo, is blind and has to navigate the tough seas of life. With him are his friends, Giovana and Gabriel. And all the mushy stuff follows suit.

This is also my Summer Film of 2016. Highly, highly recommend.


Another John Carney film, yay! And as with Once, I only knew of the theme song – which is Lost Stars – to this movie. Let me tell you how many times I watched this: three times. Let me tell you how good this is: sooooo good. Let me tell you of the music here: sooooooo freaking good. Let me tell of this move: no, you have to watch it for yourself.

I think I did a mighty fine job of convincing, eh?


Seeing a pattern here? This time around, Jongens or Boys is a Dutch LGBT coming-of-age film. Did I love it? But of course!

I honestly have nothing to say other than this movie was nothing short of amazing. My only complaint is that it was too short for me. Clocking in at around one and a half hours, you’d think that’s already long. But trust me – the plot is surprisingly fast-paced.

Again, highly, highly recommend.


Basically, these were all good movies and I think you at least have to check one of these out or else you’re missing out on the good stuff. And if you have seen of these flicks, let me know down below! (Also feel free to leave recs!)

Until next time!

10 thoughts on “Mini Movie Reviews! The Summery Return

  1. The moving graphics are tastefully done, Miguel! And yesss, Once and Begin Again are some of my favorite films ever. I agree, the soundtracks to both are beautiful. My favorite song from Once is actually If You Want Me though. 🙂 And the other two movies sound interesting; I’ll certainly check them out!

  2. Boys and the way he looks sound really interesting and I’ve never heard of them before! Definitely going to check them out 🙂
    I love the graphics by the way!

  3. Jongens look beautiful, I’ll have to look into it! Actually, I have not heard of any of these titles (I am terrible at keeping up with movies in general, to tetll you the truth) so this post is so useful. They all sound like incredibly heartwarming films.

  4. I only watched ”Begin Again” and it was good. Now I’m definitely interested in ”Jongens” and ”Hoje en quero voltar sozinho.” Oh my god, how did you do the appear and disappear thing?? It’s so awesome! (sorry haha, didn’t know how to describe it.)

  5. I love Begin Again, but although I’ve listened to the Once soundtrack about a million times I…haven’t actually seen the film yet? Anyway. I NEED TO. Actually, all of these films sound pretty awesome & I’ll be adding them to my mental list for the summer!

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