It’s A Wonderful Death by Sarah J. Schmitt


Sometimes dying can be fulfilling. To know that you have completed your time on earth, whether you were living like a saint or something else, it can be fulfilling. But that’s not the case with good-girl cheerleader RJ Jones whose life was accidentally reaped by the – surprise – Grim Reaper.

Sometimes dying can make for a really good and really funny story.


The entire premise of this book is basically RJ trying to cross back to her old earth life. Believing she was wronged, which she was since her Grim Reaper, Gideon, reaped her instead of the intended soul, she pleads her case to the high angels and it pretty much takes off from there.

The funny thing: RJ Jones is not a redeemable character. She’s selfish and rude and the angels fail to see the benefit of bringing her back to earth. Until Death Himself enters the foray. Now Death Himself – who was this fabulous surfer dude – proposes that RJ be put to a special test – a test wherein she has to prove that she’s worthy of a second chance. And as you might’ve guessed, this test involves correcting all mistakes and wrongs in the past etc.


Along this road of redemption, RJ meets a cast of other ethereal characters. There’s St. Peter, who’s hot as he……aven (*winks*), Al the gatekeeper to the Doors of Death, and Azrael, who’s kind of like the right hand angel of the Big Guy. The whole time I was smiling while reading RJ’s interactions with these characters. They were so funny. It reminded me of Rick Riordan’s way of humanizing larger-than-life characters. Who knew the Afterlife could be this fun?

Along the way, RJ encounters some familiar souls who have been affected by her actions in the past. Basically, they’re her guides in the test – which was really cool as well. There are three tests overall and RJ has to undo some mistake she has done which led to the death of one her guide-souls or to the ruin of a different character on earth.

In here we also get a glimpse of RJ’s hidden kindness which she sacrificed for, guess what, popularity. There was some great character development going on and it made me more of a supporter of RJ’s case even though I was already rooting for her in the beginning.


I’m so glad that Sarah J. Schmitt didn’t write this as a drama or a tearjerker read otherwise I would’ve DNF’ed the heck out of this. The snark and wit definitely works here because honestly, I wouldn’t have taken this book seriously if not for that aha.


Overall, my expectations for this book were excellently met. This was actually one of my most anticipated reads of 2015 and I couldn’t I waited this long to read this. I have to cut this review abruptly because I don’t want to spoil what happens after RJ’s test and the ending for you guys. You’ll be surprised with how angels serve justice.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional book. It’s a wonderful book, come on.

Highly recommend, B-        


2 thoughts on “It’s A Wonderful Death by Sarah J. Schmitt

  1. hmmmm, where I study, B- is like 72 percent… which would be like 7.2/10 and then 3.6 /5… Oh not bad!! I’m interesting in the humor in this one. It just looks highly entertaining. Great review, Miguel 😀

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