Timekeeper – A Review


I probably say this to every book out there, but the moment I read the synopsis for Timekeeper I already fell in deep love. And I fell into even deeper love once I got to read the beauty of its words. Just as I anticipated – this book is every bit of amazing and exhilarating.

Chronos was the father of time. After the world was shaped, he awoke within the cosmos, wrapped within galaxies and energy. He saw the earth and how wild and untamed it had become. How it needed to be maintained. So he created time out of the restless power within him, a tiny stream that became a raging flood as it spun the earth on its axis…Time moved all things. Killed all things.

I think the most standout thing about this novel is its fantastical concept. In an alternate Victorian world, a chosen few are gifted with the power to control time. There are clocktowers all over the world – from big cities to small towns – and they regulate, well, the time. But time in here is so much more valuable like when the clocktower stops, time literally stops. And its the job of the clock mechanics to work their magic in fixing time.

Danny attached the broken ends of the fibres to the numeral in his hands, allowing the unremarkable slab of metal to join the connective web of time created by the tower.

Danny Hart is another standout for me. From the very first chapter, I was immediately connected with his characterSometimes I think YA over-maturizes teenagers in a sense that our emotions should be at a minimal. If a character acts on impulse or maybe cries a lot in despair, some would say that they’re being immature. But that’s part of being a teenager! We’re still grasping for adulthood and those immaturities pave the way for maturity. And though most of time I thought Danny was acting like a child, he conveyed authentic teenage feelings that tugged at my heart. That’s why I was rooting for him the whole time.

Besides Danny, I also loved his best friend and auto mechanic Cassie Lovett whom I wished had more screen time in the novel (lol more time). She was like the wildfire to Danny’s still seas. I wish to see more of her in the next books hopefully! There’s a great cast of characters and I definitely want to read more about them since this world is so complex and there’s really a lot more to tell!

And did I mention there’s an LGBT romance that is off-the-charts cute? 😍 Maybe a little too much since a large chunk of the novel revolved around Danny and the clock spirit. Hihi.

You’re chaos and order and everything in between. Like sunshine kept back by clouds. Like the entire world’s imploded inside you, but all I see are the stars are sewn into your skin.

Tara Sim is an author-to-watch for sure. I was honestly surprised with how well she wrote Timekeeper. There was enough flair of pretty words to go around and overall it really added to the Victorian, kind of like classical feel of the novel.

Overall, highly, highly recommend. Do not let the year end without reading this!

2 thoughts on “Timekeeper – A Review

  1. So again, firstly I have to say I love the aesthetic and design of your blog and ALSO your graphics and gifs are beautiful AND I APOLOGISE FOR NOT VISITING YOUR BLOG MORE I FEEL SO BAD.
    I’d actually not heard of timekeepers until i read this review but you have me completely sold and now i want to go and check it out – especially as it’s a Victorian setting and I love books that have some historical concept to them!
    Wonderful review. 🙂

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