Miguel Does A Vlog Thingy

It has come to this point.

Hey guys! It’s been a while…and there’s a long, long post for that but for now: I have a vlog for you. I’ve been putting this off my mind ever since but I just couldn’t resist trying at least once.

So down below I did the Florence + The Machine Book Tag created by the amazing Kevin of Tomebound. Thanks Kevin for tagging me and subtly pushing me to film this instead of another post.

Hope you enjoy my awkwardness in low-quality (I’ll do better next time!)

7 thoughts on “Miguel Does A Vlog Thingy

  1. Migueeeeel! I love this video! Believe it or not, I actually feel like you have a sleeping talent in front of the camera. Also, I admire your bravery to actually push through with this, and I’m so looking forward to your next one! ❤

  2. I kinda lost it when you said, “How do you speak?” Like legit laughing so hard. 😂😂😂

    It takes guts to be in front of the camera and I admire you for that. I could never do this in a million years, even if I basically have every equipment (lighting and everything!). Hope you continue doing this because you really did a great job. I guess next time, it will probably be a piece of cake for you to do these vlogs. 🙂

  3. Nicely done! It definitely takes courage to film a video but I hope you make more! Even though it’s very different, creating content with a camera is probably a good change from the keyboard right? Best of luck with your future vlogs!

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