Re: December/January ’16-’17


Re: is a new feature here in The Quirky Reader wherein every month (or every other month) I make a neat summary of what went down in terms of blogging and living IRL. 

Once upon a time, I stopped writing wrap-up/recap posts because of its repetitive nature until I realised they are probably the only hope I have in updating my blog. So I’m bringing it back.

I won’t ramble on any further soooooooo let’s get to recappin’.


Since I didn’t read anything on December (the holidays held me hostage) let’s jump on to January. And since I also renewed my reading commitments for 2017, I’m quite happy with the pace I’m going at in reading. January was a great reading month for me even though I only read 4 books – I read a fantastic sequel, I discovered a new favourite series.



AERIE by Maria Dahvana Headley | GOODREADS

Reading this series takes me back to those nights where I would stay up late and watch those old Disney movies from the 2000s. It always felt like magic to me because I was staying up way past my bedtime. And Magonia brought me back to that feeling of being a child again – where I would believe in the magical and the beautiful…(read more)


I haven’t got a full review up yet because I’m currently on the fourth book out of the six book series but right off the bat, go read this highly entertaining series. The first book, The Last Necromancer, is free on Amazon. Yep, you’re welcome.


For December, again as with reading I didn’t get the chance to update my blog that much. The only post I published was my year-ender recap for 2016. As for January, I managed to squeak a book review and a discussion sort of post. What a lax month, tbh.



So I have a new blog! WAIT WHUT. 

The welcome page to my blog. It’s quite bare for now.

It actually began as a project for my Web Design class in school and then I had way too much fun and decided to keep it and use it as my personal blog. Btw, it’s called Miguel and His Thoughts and it’s pretty much under construction for now. I have a few posts up there so if you’re interested to know more about me in general, you can go check that out.

I’m also in my last semester of eleventh grade – finallySchool, as usual, is also one of the reasons why I didn’t get to blog/read for December and January. I was flooded with readings and papers to write and whatnot. But I survived.



Be on the lookout for a new edition of Mini Movie Reviews! I just need one more film to watch to complete the Magic Four aha. Also, wish me luck as I try to watch all of this year’s Best Picture nominees. So far, I’ve only watched 1 out of 9 woooooh.

And that is all, until next time quirks!

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