Why You Should Read the Ministry of Curiosities Series

You may or may not have heard me constantly talk about this fabulous series. It’s only one of the most entertaining urban fantasy series out there. There’s currently 7 books, with the 8th book coming out later this year, and yeah – I finished all of those in just under two months tops. What is this elusive series I’m talking about? (Though it’s already in the title)

That’s right. Here’s why you should read the highly-entertaining, very-thrilling, Ministry of Curiosities series by C.J. Archer.

It’s entertaining stuff.

I can’t stress enough how entertaining and readable this series is. But before that, what is this all about? Well…

“The Ministry of Curiosities follows Charlotte Holloway, a necromancer, who is forced to live under the guise of a young boy after being kicked out of their home by her father when he discovered her resurrecting-the-dead powers. She then finds herself being taken to Litchfield Towers, after some undead circumstances, and under the wing of Lincoln Fitzroy, the leader of the Ministry of Curiosities – a secret organisation that deals with supernatural affairs and protecting its members. Together, they solve supernatural cases while trying to survive each other’s company…”

So basically, it’s Sherlock meets Supernatural lite. If you’re into mysteries and supernatural fiction, then this one’s for you. If you’re not, then I still suggest checking it out for its entertainment value.

Entertaining cast of characters.

You’ll be seeing me overuse the word entertaining all throughout this post, but I can’t help it because this series is just that. And what makes an entertaining story is its entertaining cast of characters.

You watch Game of Thrones? Or maybe just any TV show. You know when you have certain favourite characters that you just root for every episode? And you feel like a parent when they mature and develop in the next season? That was the feeling when I was reading this series. It was like watching a TV show but with all my favourite characters.

Charlotte – or Charlie as she prefers – Holloway was a fantastic, kickass heroine. She obviously didn’t let anyone take her for granted because she’s a girl especially during this Victorian era wherein women are only expected to dress up and look pretty for tea parties. I loved her character development from book after book, and because she’s only just a young adult she still has a lot to learn and digest from her surroundings. BUT STILL, SHE’S PRETTY FREAKING AWESOME.

And then there’s the enigmatic leader of the ministry, Lincoln Fitzroy who is a complete and total cinnamon roll at heart. Besides Charlie, he’s also what makes this series so entertaining. I love their constant bickering and banter, which eventually develops into something….more? You’ll have to find out! But I thought Fitzroy was also a kickass character. He might need some getting used to especially in the first two books but he really matures throughout the series (even thou he’s like 30 years old haha).

Lastly, we have the staff/henchmen/people of Litchfield Towers. The former aristocrat and devilishly charming, Seth; the disfigured but loyal Gus; and the MOST KICKASS CHEF IN LITERATURE, Cook. All of these characters give so much heart to this series and I just love them all so much. Sorry for gushing too much!

It’s entertaining as heck?

At this point, I’m hoping I convinced you with my words. There’s a lot more I can say about this series, but I fear I’ll just word vomit and scare you guys off. But truly, you must check out this one out. If you’re interested, the first book is actually free on Amazon! Cool, right? Now go read.


This has been The Quirky Reader in his most unedited state. I bid you all well and until next time.

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