A Collective Book Review


Hello there! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog, but today I’m back with a quick and easy collective review of all the books I’ve read so far this year – which is not a lot, by the way.

All in all, I read a total of seven books plus I completed a series. Now that is hard to come by these days what with tons of new series being published here and there. I also got around to reading a super popular book from way back when.

Well, without further ado, on with the reviews!

a collective 1


I admit, I’m terrible at keeping up with series. I read Snow Like Ashes, which is the first book, almost four years ago when it came out. And now, two years after the series concluded, I got around to reading the whole lot!

I was actually hesitant to continue this series because I remember starting the second book, Ice Like Fire, and not being into it at all, which sucked because the first book was pretty damn good. But with all its greatness, the rest of the series never really escalated from its thrilling and exciting introduction.

A fantasy series like this can be overwhelming – you have to put a lot of effort into the world-building else you’ll end up with a shallow universe, you have to perfectly gauge when to introduce new characters to keep the story going, and so on. It got to a point where I was already skimming the last book, Frost Like Night, because I was not invested anymore. Because I was overwhelmed by the sheer greatness of the story.

I appreciate the world Sara Raasch conjured up, and it really is an exciting premise, but I find I’m not wholly onboard on this fantastical journey.

a collective 4

LAST STAR BURNING by Caitlin Sangster

Honestly, I can’t remember anything from this book lol. Ummm. Here’s what I said instead on my mini Goodreads review:

Though I’ve encountered this sort of story in endless YA novels before, I can’t help but be compelled nonetheless by Caitlin Sangster’s thrilling dystopian universe inspired by Chinese revolutions. It’s exciting, and I cannot wait for the next book.

a collective 3

THE DEAL and THE MISTAKE by Elle Kennedy

There was a time where the entire book blogging community was buzzing about The Deal for weeks, and I had every intention of joining that hype party until you know…things happened in life. But I got the chance to read it early this year as well as the second companion book, The Mistake. And listen…

This is some really fun new adult stuff. I wouldn’t consider it that special though. The series still suffers from the usual tropes the genre loves to get behind on albeit executed in a more enjoyable and less cringe-y fashion. I had to stop with the third book because things were getting a little repetitive.

a collective 5

EVEN WHEN YOU LIE TO ME by Jessica Alcott

Let’s face it: we’re all intrigued by the student/teacher forbidden relationship trope. I think it’s not so much about the taboo-ness of the trope, but rather how the story will turn out. It can either go really creepy and cringey or…romantic and heartwarming? And to my surprise, my feelings for this book fall somewhere along the latter.

Even When You Lie to Me is a well-realised young-adult novel about taboo relationships. It honestly captures the heat of the moment, the anxiety, and the craziness of falling for someone you’re not supposed to fall for. The writing was also very nice and just poetic enough to elicit emotions from me.

Where the book fell flat for me was the pacing and just how the story unfolded in a jumpy, skippy manner. Otherwise, this was a pretty solid read.

a collective 2


Do I really need to say I love this book? Okay fine, I fucking loved this book.



And that concludes this edition of collective book reviews! I’m really thinking about how I’m going to move forward with this blog since I’ve been away for a pretty long time. This review bonanza was just me getting into the groove again, see if I still got it (I still got it…somehow? haha). 

To all of you who are still with me and still reading my rambles on the Internet, thank you thank you thank you. I don’t know when I’ll be back on my normal programming, but it will be soon. Until next time, quirks!



Have you read any of these books? What’d you think? Sound off down below, I’d love to hear from you!

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