More Q’s and A’s with Miguel

ExpositionWith one week of school left, I can already feel myself breathe a little better. I can feel my fingers as they move in their own accord. I can feel the sleepless nights coming. In short, I’m excited to be blogging again WITHOUT any hindrances.

(aside: so I wrote/drafted this post way way waaaaaaaay back in 2015, and didn’t bother putting it up so lol please enjoy 2015 miguel)

Hey, what’s up? So as I’m writing this post, I thought how random this is. It’s almost 10PM and I’m about to prepare for school and stuff. But I decided to do another Q&A to keep things entertaining here at The Quirky Reader. Plus, I’m catching up on some tags that are way overdue. Continue reading


#T5W Episode 3: Summer Reads

Hello, reader. Welcome to Episode 3 of Top 5 Wednesday! Man, I miss doing these weekly memes on the blog. Anyway! If you don’t know what this series is, Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey of gingerreadslainey and is currently hosted by Sam of ThoughtsOnTomes. If you want to participate in #T5W, you can head on over to their Goodreads group. Continue reading

Flame in the Mist – A Review

flame-in-the-mistAs I’m writing this review, I’m thinking to myself, how it must be a tall order for an author to write a story of different race and culture other than their own. You must really abandon your “own voice” to breathe life and authenticity into your character’s voice. And with Flame in the Mist, I think Miss Ahdieh created something really special. A brilliant and authentic tale of lies, love, and good ‘ole fantasy. Continue reading

Seeking Mansfield – A Revivew


There’s always that rare and beautiful moment present when diving headfirst in a story. I’m that sort of reader who usually checks out Goodreads first for reviews and the summary of a book before actually reading it. But sometimes spontaneity can be good, and the unknown is a welcome change of pace. That’s what I felt when I picked up this book on a whim – an unexpected surprise. Continue reading

Re: March/April ’17

Re: is a new feature here in The Quirky Reader wherein every month (or every other month) I make a neat summary of what went down in terms of blogging and living IRL. 

Guess who’s read more than one book this month? That’s right – this nerd right over here did that.

Hey guys! So amidst the intense summer heat here in the tropical island, I’m still pretty much alive. I actually got a bad sunburn from swimming a few weeks ago, so kids, if you know what’s good for you, lay on thick with that sunblock. Anyway! It’s been a month since I last did one of these recaps, so without further ado here’s what went down last March up to April. Continue reading

Descendants – A Review


Rick Riordan sort of ruined other young adult novels with (Greek) mythological storylines for me. His Percy Jackson series is one of my all-time favourite books to read and even now many years later I still get a kick from them whenever I skim through the pages. But recently, I think I may have a found a new series with a lot of potential to rebuild what Riordan has ruined for me in YA mythology.  Continue reading

My Guide to TV Series 2017 #1

tv series guide 2017

Besides reading, like the regular 21st century person with a lot of time, I also enjoy watching TV series. Some of my all-time favourites include How to Get Away with MurderGame of ThronesUnREAL, etc. And now that summer break has officially (😭😭😭) begun for me, I have two months of catching up and watching all the TV series I’ve -been-meaning-to-watch-but-didn’t-really. Without further ado, I present to you my definitive guide to TV series 2017.  Continue reading

Why You Should Read the Ministry of Curiosities Series

You may or may not have heard me constantly talk about this fabulous series. It’s only one of the most entertaining urban fantasy series out there. There’s currently 7 books, with the 8th book coming out later this year, and yeah – I finished all of those in just under two months tops. What is this elusive series I’m talking about? (Though it’s already in the title) Continue reading

Mini Movie Reviews! The First of Twenty-Seventeen.

twenty seventeen

It’s been a long time coming, but thank God I am back with another episode of Mini Movie Reviews! If you’re new to my blog and don’t have any inkling about what this series is about, basically, in this feature I give short reviews of movies I’ve collectively watched. And since this is the first for 2017, I watched all of these over the period of three months (beginning in January).

Also, I am deeply sorry for not being active lately haha. I just finished all my papers for school (and my technical report 😭), and I’m getting ready for summer break, which means more time for reading and blogging. But anyway! On with the reviews… Continue reading