Why You Should Read the Ministry of Curiosities Series

You may or may not have heard me constantly talk about this fabulous series. It’s only one of the most entertaining urban fantasy series out there. There’s currently 7 books, with the 8th book coming out later this year, and yeah – I finished all of those in just under two months tops. What is this elusive series I’m talking about? (Though it’s already in the title) Continue reading

Mini Movie Reviews! The First of Twenty-Seventeen.

twenty seventeen

It’s been a long time coming, but thank God I am back with another episode of Mini Movie Reviews! If you’re new to my blog and don’t have any inkling about what this series is about, basically, in this feature I give short reviews of movies I’ve collectively watched. And since this is the first for 2017, I watched all of these over the period of three months (beginning in January).

Also, I am deeply sorry for not being active lately haha. I just finished all my papers for school (and my technical report 😭), and I’m getting ready for summer break, which means more time for reading and blogging. But anyway! On with the reviews… Continue reading

Blog Tour – History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera


You’re still alive in alternate universes, Theo, but I live in the real world, where this morning you’re having an open-casket funeral. I know you’re out there, listening. And you should know I’m really pissed because you swore you would never die and yet here we are. It hurts even more because this isn’t the first promise you’ve broken.

Going into this book, I was expecting a lot of familiarity since reading Silvera’s extraordinary debut, More Happy Than Not (which I also did a review on right here). I knew I was in for another one of his whip-smart dialogues, well-rounded and complicated characters, and poignant storytelling. But History Is All You Left Me is all that and more – it bridged the gap between old and new by offering something magical, heartbreaking, and true. Continue reading

Re: February ’17


Re: is a new feature here in The Quirky Reader wherein every month (or every other month) I make a neat summary of what went down in terms of blogging and living IRL. 

Once upon a time, I went AWOL for the whole month of February. Oh, wait that’s no fairy tale – that actually happened.

Well, hello there! It’s been a hot minute indeed and I apologise. School has, once again, taken over my world last month and I couldn’t do anything about it. I tried squeezing in time for blogging but I only ended up drafting some things and getting cranky. But anyway – let’s get to recappin’! Continue reading

Re: December/January ’16-’17


Re: is a new feature here in The Quirky Reader wherein every month (or every other month) I make a neat summary of what went down in terms of blogging and living IRL. 

Once upon a time, I stopped writing wrap-up/recap posts because of its repetitive nature until I realised they are probably the only hope I have in updating my blog. So I’m bringing it back.

I won’t ramble on any further soooooooo let’s get to recappin’. Continue reading

Magonia – A Series Review


If you look at the sky that way, it’s this massive shifting poem, or maybe a letter, first written by one author, and then, when the earth moves, annotated by another. So I stare and stare until, one day, I can read it.

Reading this series takes me back to those nights where I would stay up late and watch those old Disney movies from the 2000s. It always felt like magic to me because I was staying up way past my bedtime. And Magonia brought me back to that feeling of being a child again – where I would believe in the magical and the beautiful.

Continue reading

2016 in Review

2016-in-reviewWhoa there. Did 2016 just happen? I honestly can’t believe the year is finally drawing to a close once again. Even more when I realise that I didn’t blog for quite a long time. It saddens the heart, but that’s for another day’s post!

Today I’m recapping my year in blogging – whether I was active or inactive aha – and reading – whether I was or wasn’t aha. This is going to be interesting.

(Go on and like this post if you thought this gif was pretty nifty! It took me a grand total of 4 hours to make this *_*)

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Miguel Does A Vlog Thingy

It has come to this point.

Hey guys! It’s been a while…and there’s a long, long post for that but for now: I have a vlog for you. I’ve been putting this off my mind ever since but I just couldn’t resist trying at least once.

So down below I did the Florence + The Machine Book Tag created by the amazing Kevin of Tomebound. Thanks Kevin for tagging me and subtly pushing me to film this instead of another post.

Hope you enjoy my awkwardness in low-quality (I’ll do better next time!)

#T5W Episode 2: What a Drag

Hello, reader. Welcome to Episode 2 of Top 5 Wednesday! It’s been a looooooooooong while since the pilot episode of this series on my blog so I’m glad I finally got the chance to do another one! If you don’t know what this series is, Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey of gingerreadslainey and is currently hosted by Sam of ThoughtsOnTomes. If you want to participate in #T5W, you can head on over to their Goodreads group. Continue reading