Review Policy

I primarily review Young Adult novels. I read a wide variety of genres – from contemporary to dystopian to science-fiction. What’s important to me is the story itself; whether I’d like it or not. I’m also open to reviewing New Adult/Adult fiction and/or poetry books, but please take note that I can be a bit picky. However, I will NOT review Children’s/Middle Grade novels.

I also accept self-published novels as long as it piques my interest, but I can’t guarantee that every request will be granted.

As for the format, I prefer finished hardcover/paperback copies, ARCs, and/or digital copies (eARCs, eBooks).

I can assure you that all my reviews are honest and unbiased. I give high ratings (5 stars) to books that I would recommend to my readers and low ratings to books that I didn’t quite enjoy.

You can contact me either via Twitter or email which is *

A few other points:

  • If you want me to review a book, please take note that as an avid reader, I have a ton of other books that I want to read. I can’t determine when I’ll read your book or post a review of it. If you have a specific time frame/deadline in mind, please inform me early on so I can work around my schedule.
  • I can’t guarantee that I will accept all review requests.
  • ARCs will be prioritised.

*I have now changed email addresses, so please direct your inquiries to this email.

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