call me by your name – a book and trailer review.

 Well, peaches.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this article in Indiewire about another critically-acclaimed indie darling from Sundance that’s making the rounds in the hype department. I actually didn’t bother reading what the film was all about – other than it’s a coming-of-age LGBT flick (a fave of mine) – because I was so entranced by its poster (see above). Continue reading


Mini Movie Reviews! The First of Twenty-Seventeen.

twenty seventeen

It’s been a long time coming, but thank God I am back with another episode of Mini Movie Reviews! If you’re new to my blog and don’t have any inkling about what this series is about, basically, in this feature I give short reviews of movies I’ve collectively watched. And since this is the first for 2017, I watched all of these over the period of three months (beginning in January).

Also, I am deeply sorry for not being active lately haha. I just finished all my papers for school (and my technical report 😭), and I’m getting ready for summer break, which means more time for reading and blogging. But anyway! On with the reviews… Continue reading

Mini Movie Reviews! #FrenchFilmBinge Edition

Hello to all you film enthusiasts out there! So this past couple of weeks I’ve been doing a French film marathon, or as I like to call it, #FrenchFilmBinge. You might have seen me tweeting this numerous times in different times of the day. I’ll do a little a recap at the end of this post about what I’ve observed after watching all these French movies. Let’s get started, shall we?

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